One more year BLOC is present at the IBEC Annual Symposium

Last 19th of October it took place the 15th edition of the IBEC Symposium, an annual meeting where bioengineering is in the centre of the scene.  Among several renowned national and international invited researchers, BLOC was present with a flash talk and a poster showing part of the work done at the “Molecular Imaging for Precision Medicine” laboratory at IBEC.

The 15th IBEC Symposium was, in the words of IBEC’s director Josep Samitier, “a great opportunity to share our science, make new connections and also reconnect”. About 250 assistants joined together to present their research and discuss about how bioengineering can contribute to improve the life quality of society.  

In this scenario Marc Azagra presented a flash talk about the use of hight-throughput dynamic nuclear polarization (DNP)-nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging for real-time and non-invasive metabolic studies using microfluidic multiwell devices. The proposed method represents a new approach for hyperpolarization-enhance NMR experimentation that can be applied in the future as a preclinical tool to study diseases that affect cellular metabolism.

Additionally, Lluis Mangas presented a poster on the use of hyperpolarized nuclear magnetic resonance to study hepatocellular metabolism as part of his work in BLOC Project. Concretely, he focused on the development of a MR-compatible bioreactor platform for hepatocellular carcinoma metabolic analysis in real-time using a 60 MHz benchtop NMR spectrometer.