Irene Marco talks about BLOC project to ERASMUS students from The Netherlands

Last 09th of February, Irene Marco, coordinator of BLOC Project, gave a talk to about 30 university students from different fields to explain the work carried out at IBEC and specially in her laboratory, in the frame of BLOC project.

Irene Marco, head of the Molecular Imaging for Precision Medicine group at IBEC,  talked about bioengineering and molecular imaging to the students coming from The Netherlands, concretely from TU Delft (Delf University of Technology), the oldest and largest technical university in The Netherlands with more than 27,000 students, and the Erasmus MC program in The Netherlands, and the medical faculty Erasmus MC.

She gave an overview of the research work carried out in her laboratory, and emphasized on BLOC project, explaining the great possibilities of molecular imaging coupled to organ-on-chip devices. After her talk, students had the opportunity to exchange ideas with Irene Marco and to talk about research, bioengineering and the possible professional outcomes in this field.