Course on basics of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy (MRI/MRS) held by Irene Marco

Irene Marco, coordinator of BLOC Project, recently co-organized and held a course on basics of magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy (MRI/MRS) at IBEC.

During the month of March, several people interested in magnetic resonance imaging attended the course co- organized by Irene Marco, held for 3 days and summarizing 12h. Coordinator of BLOC Project, and Dr. Silvia Lope-Piedrafita, Associate Professor in the Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. This introductory course to MRI covered the physics of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), contrast mechanisms for MRI, spectroscopy, hyperpolarisation and more. Taking advance of BLOC Project, Irene explained several of the themes included in the course, that were:

  • Safety considerations of an NMR facility
  • Description of MRI hardware
  • NMR and MRI basic principles
  • Description of MRI acquisition parameters
  • MRI quantification
  • Common MRI artefacts
  • Spectroscopy and diffusion techniques
  • Hyperpolarisation techniques and applications
  • Visit to the Molecular Imaging for Precision Medicine MRI/NMR lab at IBEC