MULTIWAVE – Marc Dubois

Dr. Marc Dubois
Head of MRI Tech. Research

Dr. Marc Dubois (PhD, MSc) is the head of research at Multiwave Imaging.

Marc’s scientific experience spans more than 10 years in world leading laboratories on wave control in metamaterials including 2 years as a post-doctoral researcher at University of California, Berkeley (USA), 4 years at CNRS laboratory, Institut Fresnel and the Center of Magnetic Resonance in Biology and Medicine (CRMBM) and a PhD completed at Université Paris Diderot-Paris VII conducted with CNRS laboratory, Institut Langevin (France). As demonstrated through more than 20 journal publications, several patents and multiple MRI and RF applications conferences, Marc is a leading expert on electromagnetic metamaterials for MRI. He leads research activities at Multiwave Imaging with a focus on developing a light-weight, wearable MRI coil (WearMe) that will bring a step-change in MRI waiting times, patient comfort and overall image quality.

Dr. Marc Dubois