IDIBAPS – Vicent Ribas

Dr. Vicent Ribas
Postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Vicent Ribas joined the Pathogenesis and Prevention of Diabetes Group at IDIBAPS and the BLOC project in September 2020. Dr. Ribas is a biomedical researcher devoted to the study of metabolic pathologies with an integrative perspective. His broad experience ranges from studies on atherosclerosis from his PhD in Hospital Sant Pau, to cancer and liver diseases at IDIBAPS in the last 8 years, including metabolic syndrome, diabetes and obesity for 6 years at the IRB Barcelona and the University of California Los Angeles. In his studies he generated and characterized several novel genetically-engineered animals and cell lines as tools to model human diseases using advanced biochemical technologies.

Dr. Ribas will be involved in the characterization of the mouse models used in the BLOC project with special focus on the liver metabolism and the in vivo MR spectroscopy experiments.

Dr. Vicent Ribas