IDIBAPS – Samantha Morón-Ros

Dr. Samantha Morón-Ros
Postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Samantha Morón-Ros holds a BSc in Biochemistry (University of Barcelona, 2014) and an official Master’s Degree in Biomedicine (University of Barcelona, 2015). In 2020, she completed her PhD in the Molecular Metabolism and Disease’s group led by Francesc Villarroya at University of Barcelona, where she studied the role of FGF15/19 and FGF21 in the cross-talk between different tissues in the context of thermogenesis and obesity. She has also participated in projects related to immunology.

In October 2020, Dr. Morón-Ros joined the BLOC project as a member of the group of Pathogenesis and Prevention of Diabetes at IDIBAPS. She will be responsible of the studies with pancreatic islets, contributing to the islet-on-chip development, and will participate in the in vivo experiments with different mouse models.

Dr. Samantha Morón-Ros