IBEC – Maria Alejandra Ortega

Dr. Maria Alejandra Ortega
Healthcare Business Developer

Dr. Maria Alejandra Ortega holds a BSc in Chemistry (Universidad Central de Venezuela) together with a MSc in Chemistry (based on Nanotechnology) (Universidad Simon Bolivar- Venezuela) with a 3 months internship in the Laboratory of Nanomaterials at Universidad of Central Florida (USA).  She granted in 2010 a PhD fellowship to continue her studies at Institute of Photonics Sciences (ICFO). Her thesis was based on SPEDOC Project an European FP7 consortium with the aim of develop a commercial high-throughput sensing platform for early and sensitive detection of circulating HSP70 proteins. In 2017 Dr Ortega joined Prof Javier Ramon’s group as a postdoctoral researcher focusing in the developing of OOC platform and its applications on drug screening platforms in tissue engineering (DAMOC ERC project). Dr Ortega holds an International Master in Project Management and she is currently enrolled in a MBA program (online modality).

Since 2019 she has been coordinating most of the tech transfer activities inside the group, participating in several entrepreneurial activities from prestigious business schools (e.g. ESADE and IESE) and important European and local innovative initiatives (e.g. EIT Health programs). Dr Ortega has contributed in several public and private funding initiatives to reach the market from potential research developed in the lab.

Dr. Maria Alejandra Ortega