IBEC – Marc Azagra Rodríguez

Marc Azagra Rodríguez
PhD student since January 2020

Mr. Marc Azagra holds a BSc in Chemistry (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2017), an Official Master’s degree in Industrial Chemistry and Introduction to Chemical Research (Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2018) and a Master’s degree in Fine Chemistry (Esteve S.A and Autonomous University of Barcelona, 2019).

In 2020 he started his PhD under Dr. Marco-Rius supervision with funding from BLOC. Throughout his training he has had hands-on experience with metabolomic techniques such as NMR and mass spectrometry. His previous experience and background in chemistry and NMR spectral interpretation will be an asset in the proposed project, where he will develop techniques and methodologies to acquire, process and analyze the hyperpolarized NMR data.

Marc Azagra Rodríguez