Dr. Hetal Patel
Principal Systems Engineer

Dr Hetal Patel is a systems engineer at Oxford Instruments Magnetic resonance, he is responsible for developing new products and capabilities to the Benchtop NMR product range.

Hetal built an NMR spectrometer to study 2 dimensional quantum fluids at ultra-low temperatures as part of his PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London. In 2002 Hetal joined Resonance Instruments as a development and support engineer an travelled the world working with end users to install and service their benchtop instruments. Following Oxford Instruments’ acquisition of Resonance in 2004, Hetal worked on developing HyperSense, the world’s first commercial Dynamic Nuclear Polarisation(DNP) instrument. Hetal has subsequently developed class leading technologies to push the technical capabilities of Oxfords’ benchtop NMR instruments.  

Dr. Hetal Patel